TechMaster Design Projects

Pong Ball Game
TTSO - Text to Speech Online
Rigatoni Rugby Cube 2 Stats
Rugby Reloaded Cube 2 Server page
Cube 2: Sauerbraten Voxel Army Clan
Voxel Army Clan Forum
Get a free ride with Lyft
Chat online with anyone
Post anything to the forum
Video sharing website
LTDA Non-profit organization website
Modeling website
Financial Institution website
Gym Website
Class Video browser website
Xuvo Client mod for Cube 2
Mac OSX/Linux QServ Server mod for Cube 2
Windows version of QServ Server mod for Cube 2
Stream iTunes song info workflow
FetchIP and Netstat application for OSX
Touchscreen Macbook animation
Insurance agency website
Spaghettimod syntax
City Alert network facebook notification pusher
Cube 2 Sauerbraten Facebook
Mac Plist change hack
Cube 2 web & discord player/server stats
GroupFinder - Find other gamers online
Valheim Seed Generator - Create and explore randomly generated worlds
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