The Destruction of Verdansk Event

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The Destruction of Verdansk Event

Post by george » Wed Apr 21, 2021 3:41 pm


What an event
Many players were excited to see the Destruction of Verdansk part 1, but unfortunately it was only available for a certain amount of hours, so if you didn't queue up before 3PM PST, you missed it. This is super rediculous considering they hyped this event up a lot! Many players are disappointed that Verdansk is now gone and they didn't get to experience the event. In addition to that, people are experiencing server queues, crashing, black screens and they cannot play regular BR either. In additon to those issues, friends aren't showing up on people's friends list. This is a new issue introduced with the changes. People can't invite eachother even from the chat as the "Invite to party" option is not displaying even if the player is online. Also, shaders are installing every game launch for some players. Plunder has also been removed and now all that's left is the tiny Rebirth map.

Event failure
This event has been a complete failure, and very frustrating to many players. There is no clear or concise description of what to expect and when to expect it. For now, players have downloaded an 80GB update seemingly to have features removed. We don't understand why the Destruction of Verdansk part 1 was removed so soon, leaving BR completely out of the game. We also don't understand why Plunder was removed after taking up more hard drive space. Hopefully they will bring this event quickly and also allow the Destruction of Verdansk part 2 to be played for a longer time.

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