Free, cutting-edge modifier key switching

A simple application for switching between two different FN modifier key modes

What it does

Have you ever tried to use an application such as a game, video editor or photo editor that requires the use of F1-F12? Pressing FN and the F1-F12 key each time can be irritating, with FNSwitch you can easily disable the need to use the FN key. Now you're done with your application, uh oh, the volume key is making a ding noise. Time to use FNSwitch again, now your volume button works.

  • Interactive
  • FN Modifier Status Display
  • Backwards Compatible
  • Easy to Use
  • Quick


FNSwitch has two different applications included in the bundle to ensure maximum compatibility with OSX


You can download FNSwitch from the following mirrors:

Once it is downloaded, please copy FNSwitch to your applications folder and click the Instructions button below, then you can open it to switch FN Modifier Modes.